{101 in 1001 – 2014-2016}

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When I came across this blog post by a blogger I follow, I was immediately hooked. Just the title made me excited: 101 things to do in 1001 days. Easy enough, right?

I believe that this will be a really cool, interesting experience. Thinking that far ahead is a bit overwhelming– by the time this will end, I will have graduated college and been in the “real world” for over a year! Insanity, considering that I am currently a junior (wrote this in January 2014). It’ll be fun to see what God has in store for me– what adventures He has up His sleeve.

Maybe they won’t match the ones I’ve theoretically planned for the next 1001 days. Maybe some will. Maybe I don’t complete them all; maybe I do. The exciting part about this challenge is exactly that– a challenge. It’s a way of keeping a goal in the day-to-day life; of keeping the visualization of what I wanted my future to look like at the time of its beginning.

Cheers to the next 1001 days and the journey from start to finish. To the next 1001 days in the blogging world. Let’s see what God has in store. I can’t wait to see!  If you want to do this, too, check out #101 and contact me

101 in 1001 Days

Began: January 17, 2014
Ends: October 10th, 2016

Educational (11/11)

1. Make Dean’s List every semester of college (May 2015)
2. Graduate with a cumulative GPA of/above 3.50 (May 2015)
3. Complete the Advertising Minor (December 2014)
4. Complete the Public Relations Concentration (December 2014)
5. Serve on PRSSA-UD’s Executive Board senior year (June 2014)
6. Be inducted into Lambda Pi Eta Honor’s Society (January 2014)
7. Make a habit of reading PR websites and blogs weekly (April 2014)
8. Attend a networking event (March 2014)
9. Graduate college (May 2015)
10. Write thank you notes to all the people who impacted my life in college (May 2015)
11. Make Keri At The Game an actual UD thing, complete with a hash-tag (September 2014)

Professional (20/21)

12. Land a summer 2014 internship (May 2014)
13. Land a fall 2014 internship (August 2014)
14. Land a winter 2015 internship (December 2014)
15. Land a spring 2015 internship (January 2015)
16. Start a real-world job in summer 2015 (May 2015)
17. Intern/work at an agency (June 2015) 
18. Work in public relations/social media marketing (June 2015)
19. Publish consistently on personal/professional blog (in the process…)
20. Make the blog into a custom domain (June 28, 2014– KeriBetters.com)
21. Start a blog series (February 2014– The Dash Series, Pt. 1Pt. 2)
22. Attend a PRSSA/PRSA National Conference (October 11-12, 2014 in Washington, D.C.)
23. Guest blog for other blogs at least five times (in process… January 2014 [Meagan Walsh]March 2014 [UD’s OCM blog]January 2015 [The Everyday Elegance]
24. Pitch a story to the Delaware News Journal (July 2014)
25. Successfully complete a phone interview (January 2014)
26. Create an overall resume document to pick from for smaller, specific ones (April 2014)
27. Complete my LinkedIn profile (April 2014)
28. Find a professional mentor (January 2014)
29. Find a go-to interview outfit, complete with shoes and accessories (May 2014)
30. Get at least 1,000 followers on my professional Twitter account (@KeriBetters(March 2015)
31. Invest in a professional and durable bag (April 2014)
32. Go to a professional cocktail/networking hour (when I’m 21+) (July 2015)

Organizing My Life (19/21)

33. Organize/clean out my desk every six months (August 2016)
34. Re-energize my desktop existence (delete old files, update virus protection, organize pictures, etc) (August 2014)
35. Keep my desk clutter free for at least a week (December 2015)
36. Own a credit card (September 2016)
37. Keep good credit (October 2016)
38. Deposit $50 a month into savings (May 2014–started process)
39. Don’t take money out from savings for 2 months (August 2016)
40. Learn how to create and keep a budget (July 2015– started process)
41. Clean out my closet and keep only versatile items (November 2014)
42. Go a month without buying Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee
43. Finish my high school scrapbook (January 2015)
44. Organize my high school and college files (August 2014)
45. Unsubscribe from/delete unwanted emails (August 2014)
46. Get my own place
47. Pay the entirety of my car insurance (May 2015)
48. Renew my driver’s license (March 2014)
49. Get or create an emergency car kit (October 2016)
50. Find my signature stationary (October 2016)
51. Buy my own stamps (January 2014)
52. Frame both of my degrees
53. Buy a Macbook Pro (August 2014)
54. Save for & purchase a new car for after college (May 2015)

Spiritual (6/10)

55. Read the entire Bible
56. Memorize a verse a week
57. Begin a prayer journal (January 2014)
58. Finish at least three devotionals
59. Write letters to people when they come to mind (January 2016)
60. Join choir again (September 2015)
61. Get involved in another ministry (February 2014)
62. Fast for one day every month
63. Take a break from all media for one day and pray when I would usually be checking my email, phone, computer, social media, etc. (September 2014)
64. Find a spiritual mentor (January 2014)

Physical (5/12)

65. Run a 5K (June 2014, unofficially)
66. Run a 10K
67. Run a half marathon
68. Own good running sneakers (August 2016)
69. Cut out all soda (May 2014)
70. Squat 150+ pounds
71. Do 50 pushups at once
72. Complete a 5 minute or more plank
73. Try a spin class
74. Try boxing (June 2015)
75. Go on a hike (May 2014)
76. Try surfing

Just for Fun (11/24)

77. Participate in the Color Run
78. Visit Susanna in New York
79. Own a Michael Kors bag (April 2014)
80. Learn a really hard Chopin piece on piano (preferably this one)
81. Actually finish a knitting project (December 23, 2014)
82. Visit the Hollywood walk of fame and find Johnny Depp’s star
83. Watch the ball drop in Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve
84. Finally get the tattoo
85. Travel to a new country
86. Travel to a new state (May 2016 – Illinois)
87. Complete The Happiness Project (March 18, 2014– began process)
88. Visit the Statue of Liberty
89. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
90. See an NFL game
91. See an NBA game
92. See an NHL game
93. See an MLB game (June 2015– Phillies v. Orioles!)
94. Visit Carlos Bakery
95. Visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 2015)
96. Own a Steelers jersey (January 2014)
97. Go paint balling
98. Create an adventure jar (August 2014)
99. Have at least 10 piano students at one time (May 2014)
100. Fall in love (January 2015)
101. Inspire someone to join the 101 in 1001 days challenge, too (January 2014)

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