Well, here I am.

I have done it. I’m proud of myself. What have I done? Exactly this. I have envied people who can create and keep up with their blogs and I have always wanted to try. So I am, right now. I am creating this blog and will hopefully keep posting so I can say I did it. I don’t do things just to do them. I usually have a purpose or a drive that keeps me going. The purpose in doing this is because I always forget to journal. Yup, I have kept journals but it doesn’t usually work out. I usually forget. I hope reallllllly hope I can keep this up and that it’ll be interesting at the same time.  So thank you for reading. I hope you will continue to keep on doing just that. I hope I’ll be able to continue this awesome new hobby addiction/hobby for my enjoyment and for yours. 🙂

(Wow, those smiley faces are really disturbing…last time using those!)


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