You are now entering dream land

I have had some exciting dreams lately. I thought it’d be fun to jot them down and get people’s reactions to these weird dreams I’ve been having.

Dream #1- I’m at church on a Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden, the Newsboys walk onto the gym stage and start having a concert. Just for me.

Dream #2- I’m at church on a Friday afternoon and suddenly, BarlowGirl walks into the gym, asks to go on the gym stage, and performs a concert. All these random people suddenly appear and I’m at a concert.

Dream #3- I’m at the boys’ baseball field, where I usually hang out and spend all my hours in the summer days. (That was sarcasm, people). Bono (from U2) comes running up to me, asking to watch Jeremy’s baseball game. I am stunned and ask if it’s the real Bono, and he gives me this weird look and shakes his head yes. He then continues to watch Jeremy’s game and after it’s over, starts to walk away. I call out for him to wait and he stops. I then shyly ask if I can give him a high five and then he just laughs, gives me a high five, and walks away. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get a picture with him or at least an autograph… I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. I mean a high five?? LA-ME…

Dream #4- I can play piano, in real life and in dreamland too. Walking onto the sanctuary stage at our church, I start to play a Mark Schultz song on the grand piano. Suddenly, Mark Shultz walks in and asks  in amazement if I could play piano for the concert he was having that night… at our church (of course). I numbly agree and am (all of a sudden) playing for thousands of screaming fans. I am Mark Shultz’s pianist. Awesome.

So I guess there is one thing in common with these dreams, I meet famous people. Maybe this means I’ll meet Bono at the baseball field. Or the Newsboys and BarlowGirl will rush into my church and plead with me to have a concert there. Or I’ll just start playing piano and Mark Shultz will ask if I can be his keyboardist for his concert. Who knows. All I know is anything can happen in dream land.


2 thoughts on “You are now entering dream land

  1. Hey Keri,
    Nice job blogging! I think one day, a little girl will be blogging about how she was playing the piano, and in walks the famous Keri B., who asks the little dreaming girl if she would play the piano for her (Keri’s) concert that evening.

    This is your dream going full-circle!

    Hope you are enjoying your last two weeks of being fifteen! : )

    Love you!
    Mrs. Dekker


  2. Thanks, Mrs. Dekker!
    I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. :] Yes, maybe a little girl will be talking about me! haha. I don’t think I’ll be famous though. 😉
    And yes, I’m enjoying my last…12 days(!) being 15! it’s crazy!
    Love, Keri


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