The poor cheese curl…

     It was leader night tonight. One of the best nights ever, I have to say. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if the cheese curl hadn’t existed. Let me explain…

     We all were supposed to bring a snack, so I brought cheese curls, thinking there was no harm and everybody loved cheese curls as much as the next guy. Boy was I wrong. My friend, Stephanie, hates cheesecurls with a passion. Little did I know this until she made it clear to me in a joking way. “I do not like cheesecurls.”

    Being my prankster, jokester, “trouble-maker” self, I had to have her eat a cheese curl. In some possible way, I would have to get that cheese curl down her throat and into her stomach. What a good friend I am, huh? Thankfully I have amazing and loving friends, or else I’d be a lonely girl. So I simply put the cheese curl on her near empty plate.

     LITTLE DID I KNOW that once a food is on her plate, Steph “can not let it go to waste” and must eat whatever food it may be. This followed my plan exactly and it was working wonderfully. However, cheese curls seemed to be the only exception to her rule. Sam [another friend] and I tried desperately to coax her to just eat that darn cheese curl. It wasn’t so bad, we said, and ate a few to prove it. I even spoke the phrase Stephanie was expecting sooner or later, “The starving kids in Africa would love to have it.”

    For a minute, I thought that would convince her. Knowing Steph, I should’ve known better. It didn’t. I tempted to drop it into her soda [but am much too nice for that cruelty…]. I even tried to plead with her that the little cheese curl was “grown to be the best snack ever” (or so says the bag). She wouldn’t buy it (haha- no pun intended!).

    Stephanie would not eat that poor cheese curl. She ate the pizza and the chips, but poor little cheese curl… she would not eat it. All this to say that if that little cheese curl had feelings, I’m sure it would’ve been very sad and depressed. So Steph, if you’re reading this… way to make a cheese curl depressed. I’m sure the little kids in Africa would’ve made the cheese curl happy. =) Love you, Steph!


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