my favorites- just for the record

Just for the record, just because I felt like writing something but had nothing to write about, I will be writing my favorites. =) Mondays are usually slow, and this Monday is like no other. Choir tonight. That’s about it. Ok…now for my favorites…:

Favorite food: Grape leaves (Lebanese dish), homemade mac and cheese, and pizza.

Favorite drink: Pepsi and Sweet Iced Tea

Favorite day of the week: Sunday (see previous post for more info)

Favorite Dessert: Cherry Cheesecake, Cookie Dough Ice cream

Favorite Candy: Reeses, M&Ms, Lindt truffles (can you tell I’m a choco-holic? hehe)

Favorite season: Spring! I love spring.

Favorite colors: pink, purple, and lime green

Favorite things to do: write, read, sing, play piano, blog, photography, bike, etc.

Favorite school subject: literature

Favorite TV shows: 24, Jon and Kate plus 8, What not to wear

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii and Florida (although I’ve never been to Hawaii)

Favorite place I want to visit: Australia, Italy, and France

Favorite bands: BarlowGirl, Newsboys, Kutless, Superchick, and TobyMac


If you’d like to know any other favorites, post a comment and I’ll add to the list! Ask questions and I’ll post my answers in another post! It’ll be fun. I’ll feel famous, you’ll be happy. It’ll all be awesome. :]


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