just like any other american *idol*

I am like every other American when it comes to addicting TV shows. American Idol is one of my favorites. I’ve been a fan since Carrie Underwood. It’s the top thirteen (update: top twelve, top eleven, top ten, top nine, top eight!) and hopefully Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert will make it to the top 2!

Yes… I am a fan of Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. So vote for them! For me! Ok? Danny Gokey has been my favorite from the start. Adam has been my other favorite since Hollywood week. So yes. I will keep updating on how they do and if either one is the American Idol…this girl will have some major blog posts on this website.

Update: Danny and Adam did amazingly awesome last night (Tuesday Night). Tonight are the results and Ryan Seacrest said there will be some sort of twist this year. I will be posting more on that if it’s something exciting. I’ll be posting either way to tell you who’s in and who’s out. So keep reading this blog post! I’m Keri and this is your American Idol recap. *cue awesome American Idol music*.

Update #2- Top 11 now. Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murrey are out of the competition. Sad for them, awesome for Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert fans! (and any other fans of the other contestants). The interesting twist to the competition is exciting. That means that no more depressing news which happened for Chris Daughtry and Michael Johns will happen in Season 8. Yes!

Update #3: Adam and Danny rocked the show on Wednesday night! I forgot to post about Alexis Grace being voted out last week 😦 . Danny’s performances have been amazing while Adam has been rockin’ like he’s already the Idol! This week, Michael B. has been voted out, so that leaves us with a top 9. The Judges’ Save is still in play, although they almost used it on Alexis. We’ll see what happens… until next time…

Update #4: Adam and Danny were AMAZING during last night’s performances. Danny showed his soft side while Adam danced around the stage. The judges loved both of them and so did the viewers, because they both stayed safe without either being in the bottom 3 tonight. However, Megan Joy has been voted off American Idol and, personally, I don’t think it’s too soon. Joy entertained the audience tonight while she “flew” to the bottom 3 chairs… she pretended to be a chicken. I don’t know why, but it sure was interesting. Thankfully Adam and Danny are safe and so ends another week of Idol. Until next time…

Update #5: Adam and Danny left me, once again, in awe after their performances. Danny did an amazing job on the song he chose, which showed off his range. Adam showed off his soft side with a slow ballad, which Simon gave a standing ovation for… Never in my life have I seen Simon Cowell stand up and clap for a contestant. I think we all know Adam is an amazing singer. For the results show tonight, we unfortunately had to say good-bye to Scott. I thought he was a sweet guy/singer, but I knew he was going to be voted off sometime. However, the judges talked for a while about either saving him or letting him go. In the end, we said good bye to Scott, but I have a feeling we will see more of him in the music stores. Until next week…

Go american idol! Go american idol fans! yes!


2 thoughts on “just like any other american *idol*

  1. Am I the only one that thinks Adam….is gay? Like its this weird vibe ive got about him from the start. And hes scene….so its confusing. I really can’t tell with this guy..


    • That’s a good question. I personally don’t think he’s a little too happy. I think he’s just one of those fine arts guys.
      Now Nathanael what’s his face is certainly a little too happy..in my opinion.
      But by the way Adam comes across and represents himself, I don’t think he is.


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