assassin, the new facebook, and reeses

Three things are invading my thoughts right this moment. Reach assassin, the new facebook, and Reeses Pieces.

Youth group is awesome, I’ve already made that clear. One way it’s awesome is the games we play. This time, we’re playing Assassin. Too confusing to explain in detail, but basically what you do is stalk people, shoot them with water guns, and run around looking for them. And you don’t get in trouble! Woo hoo! Of course, there are some rules and such, but every good games needs a few rules, at least. So yes… Reach assassin is invading 33.33% of my mind space.

The new facebook. I love facebook, it’s an amazing way to reconnect with friends and a good way to waste time while doing your homework. The thing that’s annoying is that they are constantly changing it. One month they have it one way, a couple months later, it’s totally changed. Facebook has changed again and I’m not sure I like it so much. I was just getting used to the “old” facebook, when they changed it again on me! Facebook, if you read this right now, stop changing so much! it’s confusing!

Reeses Pieces are seriously the most amazing thing ever. well, not quite. The actual Reeses are much better, but the pieces are good too. On Friday nights, when the air is cold, and the house is quiet, I eat Reeses pieces and the comfort of my small little bedroom is overwhelmed with the joy and contentment I have for my special chocolate. Can you tell I like to write? πŸ™‚

So a recap of everything so far: Assassin, facebook, and chocolate. Oh yes…


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