friends & this upcoming week…

Before I go into detail about what this post will be about, I want to say one thing that has been on my thoughts a lot lately. Friendship. Friends make the world go around, I think, but God has hand picked the friends for each of us. I have thanked God alot lately for this and I just wanted to take the time right now to write about how awesome my friends are and how much I want to thank them for their precious friendship. I will not name names but you know who you are. =] I just wanted to say that you all are amazing and that my life wouldn’t be the same without ya’ll. So thanks. :]

Now to the “Part B” of my blog post… I have to say, I am pretty excited for this upcoming week. So much is happening that I hardly can stand it!

Of course, today was a pretty awesome day, as well. It has to be–it’s Sunday! Church, Sunday school, choir, my favorite people of all time, and relaxation all happened today. Tomorrow will be a pretty “slow” day to say the the least. School and choir practice tomorrow night. Tuesday is when the action starts.

ALL DAY COMPETITIONS!!!! From 6:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night [or something crazy like that], I will be on the move, going to and from all day choir competitions a few states away. This competition happens only once a year so it’s something to look forward to and to hang out with friends all day! I’ll let you know how the choirs do later on.

Wednesday is going to be my favorite day…. MY  BIRTHDAY!!!! I honestly can’t believe that I am turning a year older, but I’m excited. This year will be awesome, I just have a feeling. Thursday is regular school, choir, and all that jazz [not literally… haha]. Friday will continue and youth group will roll around…assassin will continue, and I haven’t been “murdered” yet. Hallelujah!

Saturday is a busy day, but I’m excited for it. I’ll be posting more about that later, too. For now, on Sunday night, I am curled up on my bed reading a short story for Literature/Composition class and listening to the tick-tock of the clock as my fingers click-clack away on the keyboard. Sundays are the best and so is friendship.


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