A song to be sung

Have you ever heard a song that fits PERFECTLY to the way you’re feeling at that moment? Some call it a coincidence, but I believe it to be God at work. See, God works in all different ways. He gives us little blessings that we don’t notice and take for granted, but sometimes, He speaks so softly, it’s LOUD. Loud. And. Clear.

It’s crazy how that works, huh? I’ve experienced it many a time, but recently it happened to me and I seriously wanted to hug somebody. Not just anybody, I wanted to hug my Savior, because I think He was trying to tell me something. All my emotions were wrapped into a song and it wasn’t just a coincidence, God was at work.

It was a great song, an upbeat and lively song that wrapped up everything I was feeling at that moment. I was [and still am] in awe that God sent me something as small as song lyrics to make my eyes open to how great God actually is.

Next time you hear a song that seems to be speaking directly to you, don’t say it’s just coincidence. Say it’s from God, because it is. He is the ultimate songwriter, the author of our lives. He is giving you a little blessing to help you with your day. Because of Him, there IS a song to be sung.


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