…rain, rain…

So today it is raining, hence the title. It’s thunderstormin’ and raining and it’s quite relaxing. However, it reminds me of not too long ago, when the summer days consisted of Jail House Rock rehearsals and performances.

Some of you understand what I’m sayin’. Remember these key phrases?

 “I was just feelin’ fine ’til the sun wouldn’t shine, now I’m stuck inside…’til the rain goes by.”

“…and my hair is frizzin’ out. COME AND GET ME!”

“The Jail house rocked as they sang praises to the LORD the JAIL HOUSE ROCKED!”

Just thought I’d refresh your memory of the good ol’ days. Now I feel old. Remember for “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” there would be little bands playing kitchen utensils? A couple years later, a few kids came together and made a real band for that song! Every time it rains, Jail House Rock memories invade my thoughts. Now it’ll invade yours, too!


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