it’s been a week

So I have left you hanging on the edge of your seat. I have not posted something for more than a week! You must be distressed, are you not? A few things have happened that I am grateful to experience. Nothing too major, but definitely worth telling about.

This past Sunday we celebrated one of my favorite days of the year: Easter Sunday. What an awesome reminder of what the Lord has done for me and how He has saved me from death and darkness. Easter was a joyous day, even though it was cold (yet sunny). It was spent at church and then at extended family’s house. He has risen!

This week is SPRING BREAK! This may not seem like big news, but it is…to me. You see, this is the first week EVER in my LIFE that I have had an actual BREAK on SPRING BREAK!! It’s seriously amazing. I’ve been to two sleepovers so far and it’s only Wednesday… two more to go! I am really excited about this fact. I love my friends!

Last night, I stayed up all night at a sleepover with some girls from our church. It was super fun. I did a first last night- I watched A Walk to Remember. *cue gasping.* Yes, that’s right… that was my first time. I am in awe, that movie is seriously amazing. Despite the occasional language, that movie is fantastic. I cried at the end, but who doesn’t? Mandy Moore did such a great job… and so did Shane West, for that matter!

Today I went to my first protest/petition thing. I went to a TEA party…like the Boston Tea Party. All these Republicans held up signs and talked about the change we NEED and don’t HAVE. One sign said: “I’ll keep my guns, money, and freedom…YOU keep the change.” I thought that was clever. It was very inspiring, too, to know that others are “fighting” to keep the same rights you want to keep. Hopefully we can make the difference this country needs. Of course, nothing is possible without our Savior, so we must rely on him for guidance and wisdom. He has a plan.

On a different note, it’s been raining too much. Spring has sprung, but we can’t enjoy it because of this rain. I just want it sunny and warm! Too much cold…


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