Alright, so I cut my bangs in February and they looked cool for a while. I had the whole bangs chic look going on…and when I straightened my hair, it was definitely awesome. However, now they are growing out and have become quite irritating. I have grown into a habit of combing and clipping them back from my face. If only they would stay there.

But no… my hair decided to be wavy and curly and thick. Simple barrettes don’t stay barretted and simple clips don’t want to stay clipped. So every time I want to clip or barrett my hair, half of it [my hair] falls out [of the hair accessory].

I said all this to simply say the following… Tonight,  at choir practice, my hair wouldn’t cooperate. No matter how hard I tried, the barrett/clip thing wouldn’t stay perfect. Every five minutes, some of my bangy hair would escape and look retarded on top of my head.

I’m sure nobody noticed, except a few of my OCD friends, of course… but it was very frustrating to me. If you have read this far, congratulations… you have endured my complaining. Many thanks to you.


One thought on “bangs

  1. ok so I dont know why but I decided to read your blog and I read this one and haha its nice to know that I’m that one OCD friend that decided to mess with your bangs at choir practice:)


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