so much to say!

There has been so much going on, I have lots to blog about.

School is finally ending. The choir concert was awesome. American Idol’s results were surprising. Raining constantly.

School is finally ending–hallelujah! my classes end next week, finals, tests, exams!! ahhh! but at least summer is coming. slowly. very slowly.

the choir concert went very well. the feedback was bad, though. it kept bouncing off a snare drum which made it hard to concentrate. overall, it was good… it was good except for the pb&j song. don’t get me started on how embarrassing that song was. i will not talk about it…

American Idol’s results. If you did not see this week’s American Idol. let me recap it for you. Rock Week. Adam was amazing- although he looked evil. Allison was OK. Kris didn’t do so hot. Danny is not a rocker, but he’s still amazing. Results? Allison went home. It just so happens that most people don’t like Kris’ voice, but think he’s cute. I, personally, voted for Danny although it was one of his weaker weeks (no pun intended) and voted for Adam once…just so, if he becomes American Idol, IΒ can say I helped him win. lol.

So, I don’t live in Seattle, but this weather has sure given me a glimpse of what Seattle feels like. I don’t think this state can take any more rain. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. All I’m saying is that summer better be worth it for all this rainy weather we’ve been having. I just hope summer brings SUN and not MORE rain.

Besides all that, life is pretty much flowing normally. I’ve been having more and more days where I need a hug hourly, it feels like. But that will change when the weather changes, I assume. You know how it is, I bet. Anywho, that’s all for now. you should comment on this. I’m getting pretty tired of talking to myself.


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