And the winner is…

I am like the majority of Americans when I say that I am an Adam Lambert fan. Just like the rest of America, I was expecting Adam Lambert to take the crown as American Idol. However, last Wednesday’s finale proved me wrong. To America’s surprise, Kris Allen won and is the next American Idol. Though I know Kris has a good voice and will do well, I am left completely confused as to why America didn’t chose Adam as the Idol.

Face it, Adam has an amazing voice. He will always be a rocker at heart and though I’m not a heavy metal rocker chick, I enjoyed listening to his voice all this season. I mean, who didn’t? His talent was unbeatable when judged against Kris’. Lambert’s talent was so professional in the fact that he picked a great song every week and twisted it to make it his own. Not to mention, his voice reached notes that even I couldn’t hit if I tried.

The week Kris made it to the top two, I was shocked for two reasons. I was surprised he had made it even this far in the American Idol show down, but I was also bummed that Danny Gokey (my other favorite in the competition) had been voted out. I was reassured because I knew Kris was no match against Adam Lambert and that Lambert would take him down easily. I even debated on whether to watch the finale or not, knowing that Adam was going to win and I would waste two hours to find out what I already knew.

Needless to say, I was super upset when Kris Allen became America’s next Idol. Though I was frustrated with America for not choosing Adam, I slowly realized that it would evolve into the better decision. Because Adam didn’t win, he wouldn’t have to go with the record label’s ideas and could freely decide which direction he wanted to go in while using his professional creativity.

For many, Adam Lambert is considered the American Idol, even though he didn’t win the official title. His talented rocker voice left many speechless with awe after each week’s performance. Despite the bittersweet ending on the American Idol finale, Lambert will continue to be everyone’s favorite. Only time will tell what Kris plans to do with his Idol fame, but Adam Lambert will always be the winner in my eyes.


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