The gift I have found.

Since I’ve last written on this blog, a lot has happened. For good and some for bad.

A certain class has pushed boundaries in me that have made me, in a way, stronger than I was before. I’ve had to study a whole lot harder and had to pray a whole lot more (especially during the class time!)

My friends and I have so much fun during this special class…driver’s ed. Or should I say… TORTURE.

But anyways, my friends and I have a lot of fun during our ride down to it 2 times a week. It’s quite fun, but like I said, it’s torture. The people are nice (sort of…) despite the fact that some of them look like they want to bite your face off. That’s beside the point, because once you get to know some of them (I’ve only met a few, i’ll admit…) they can be pretty nice.

This summer has been a whirlwind. I have something going on almost every day and it’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. However, it all came to a hault when we were driving home from the beach on Friday night.

A little girl, who I knew and who made me smile whenever I was around her, from our church passed away on Friday night. It is devestating. completely saddening. I’ve never cried so hard for so long like I did at church this past Sunday. The little girl’s love for the Lord was so vibrant and glowing, she was always smiling.

Friends, during this hard weekend, I realized something very important. Each day is a gift. Each day holds new things. Each day is a gift from God and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Our love for the Lord should be so joyful and expressive, that we shouldn’t be able to contain it, just like that sweet little girl.

I take things for granted most of the time. I shouldn’t. Because you know what? Each day is a gift and we don’t know what’s going to happen in the day the Lord gives us. He has a plan for our lives and we need to follow it by celebrating in the day he has created.

My summer has been going well, but it doesn’t even matter. The little things don’t seem to matter when you realize that there are more important things in life. Stop majoring on the minors and major on the majors… Like serving the Lord everyday.


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