being sick in the fall, slippers, and Christmas

School has started! Good ol’ chemistry and algebra 2. Literature and SAT Prep. :p Bleck. Welcome 2009/2010 school year. It’s so great (cough cough) to finally be here. Summer has ended for all the students. Beaches are cleared out. Funland has closed. 😦 Kohls and Old Navy are having end of the summer sales and ‘back to school’ specials. Oh the joy.

So, I woke up yesterday morning with what seemed to be your basic allergies. My whole head felt like a bowling ball and I couldn’t breathe without sounding like an odd animal (sorry to give you graphic details). Over the course of the day, it continued to get better…and then get worse…and better again. I realized I might have a cold. No biggy at all, but I did use this scenerio as an excuse to get out my bathrobe and slippers.

WHAT?! It was just summer and now I’m getting this stuff out?! Already?!

Yes, I hate to admit it, but fall has pretty much arrived, whether the calendar says it or not. The trees are turning colors and the weather is starting to change from warm to cool. This winter, I have pledged that I will continue to wear flip flops, for one reason only… they are awesome.

How else do I know that fall is approaching? Christmas decorations are ALREADY being put up for sale in stores and Christmas check off lists are already being created. Choirs have started practicing Christmas music for their Christmas concerts. And you know how else I can tell? Facebook statuses. Yes, facebook statuses are amazing, especially if you like trying to figure out the minds of people.

Because for all the highschool and college students out there on facebook, some people are ALREADY counting down days to Christmas break. Good ol’ fall weather. What has it done to us?

And one more thing about this weather… it makes me smile. The jeans are coming back out instead of the shorts and t-shirts. I’m so ready to wear my fall wardrobe again. Yes, I’m a total girl when it comes to these sort of things. The smell of bonfires and laughter, cookouts and friends. God never ceases to amaze me at the things he creates. For example, good ol’ fall weather. 🙂


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