Chemistry excitement. HAVE TO READ!

Whoever said Chemistry was boring never experienced my chemistry class. In chemistry class on Thursday morning, we decided to do an experiment which included fire, ice, plastic tubes, and invisible carbon monoxide.

Now, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but carbon monoxide (if you breathe it in for too long of a time) can make you pass out or faint. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

We were measuring the temperature of the ice in the plastic tube, as it burned over the fire. Carbon monoxide was being released but nobody thought anything about it. I thought about it a little bit, as I started feeling very sweaty, dizzy, and my vision was being blurred.

I’ve passed out before because I locked my legs while singing. I thought yesterday “Hmm…maybe I’m just feeling a little light headed because I am locking my legs,” so I tried unlocking them, with no use. That just made me dizzier. All this time, I didn’t tell anybody, but when I all of a sudden went blind, I knew something was wrong.

“Hey, Sarah? I can’t see, can you hold the tube now. I feel like I might pass out.” My friend, Sarah, quickly grabbed the tube and told me to sit down in the chair nearby. One problem– I didn’t know where my chair was. I couldn’t see!

I tried to remember where it was and walked in the direction of the chair. Suddenly feeling like I was in a dream, I heard my chemistry teacher say “It’s because of the carbon monoxide. Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air?”

Good idea, teacher, but I can’t see! Knowing my school kitchen well enough, I walked (how, I don’t know) to the door and made an exit…all the while, thinking, “I’m going to pass out. I just know I am!” As soon as I got outside, my hearing went. I was now temporarily deaf and blind. Feeling along the brick wall outside, I sat down against it, leaning, and breathing hard.

I closed my eyes for what seemed like a second and opened them again with my hearing and vision back. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I think I may have passed out. Because if I was blind and deaf and closed my eyes for a second, I don’t think that would’ve happened immediately. Maybe I’m wrong, but it definitely was an adventure.

Good thing I was sitting down. Of course, no one was outside so I don’t know for sure. I got up, feeling almost back to normal, thinking it very odd that the symptoms were pretty much over. I walked back into the class and the experiment was over. I didn’t tell anybody that I had passed out, until Sarah and I were alone, walking to literature class. And then I told her.

What an adventure. Next time, carbon monoxide will not let me pass out. Not if I can help it.


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