summer memories

Summer memories ❀ –

I remember going to the beach

And laughing the day away.

I remember suffering through

Driver’s Ed. for weeks

To my dismay.

I remember helping in S4,

watching the kids laugh and smile.

I remember looking at their faces

and remembering all the while.

I remember, oh so sadly,

crying my self to sleep.

I remember thinking of a place

Where there is no pain to keep.

I remember how dark the day seemed

The day after I knew.

I remember crying in church

And running only to you.

I remember the memories

Of hugs and of smiles.

I remember the days of summer

Which seems so long a while.

I miss the summer months

When things were so care free.

I miss my dear little friend,

Whose name will never escape me.

To the days and the months,

That we have not come to see.

I will never forget,

This summer of my memories.


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