I’m thankful for thanks.

Thanksgiving break, dude!! Hallelujah, the time has come! Yes, I’m pretty excited about this week, only because it’s Thanksgiving break. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving and just so you know, I want to share some things I’m thankful for.


The freedom to worship God wherever and whenever

My freedom in general

My friends

My family

Food (that’s a given)

Music that encourages and motivates me

Johnny Depp 😉 ha ha.

People in general who know how to make my day.

The blessings and hardships God has put in my life this past year.

Those who are serving over seas or in the U.S.


For Thanksgiving, while you sit around the table and eat turkey and stuffing, remember the things you’re thankful for. Be thankful for everything, even in tough situations. God has put you in your life right now because His plan is greater than we can ever imagine. Thank Him for the trials. Thank Him for the tears. Thank Him for the smiles. Thank Him for the fears. Thank Him in the morning. Thank Him in the night. Thank Him in the darkness. Thank Him when it’s light.



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