January already? How did that happen? Happy 2010 people. That’s crazy.

Every year, I make the new year’s resolution to lose weight and stay more in shape. Every year I feel horrible about the skin I’m in and spend more time complaining about it then talking about it. This year, I have decided to quit all that. Quit the complaining, the talking, the moaning, the looking in the mirror and wishing I was different.

This year, I’ve decided to stop all that. This year will be different. It’s the turn of a decade and it’ll be the turn of my personal and outward appearance, as well. I’m not just saying this because I have hopes that I will continue to stop. I am saying this to prove that I am determined to make the difference.

This year, I also want to focus more on people and less on myself. I want to become the better listener, a better friendship, the role model of what a friend should be like. Not that I’m a bad friend or a horrible listener… I just want to focus on being better at that. I love my friends and family dearly, I just want to show them how much I care.

I love people too much, yet nobody seems to realize that. There are many ways to show how you love someone. One of my common uses is through the Internet, through Facebook. I love sending facebook chat messages or private messages. It shows my friends that I care. Yup, that’s me. Just want to be the better friend then I was in 2009. So far…so good? Who knows. I’ll keep that updated.


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