sometimes i wonder

Sometimes I wonder how things get twisted into something so dramatic and unnecessary.


1. You say something over the Internet, whether blogging, writing to somebody, or commenting on something: and the next thing you know: BAM! Instant drama. You are innocent in the way you write it and think you phrased it in just a certain way that won’t be twisted. Haha fail. This has happened to me on several occasions this week. And it’s only Monday. It’s kind of funny because I am interested in writing and blogging, yet I don’t think through what it could be interpreted as. Whoops.

2. You write a simple email that says “Hey! Whats up?” but don’t realize that it could be interpreted as something else. How?! How is that possible?! But the brain makes it possible. Some people over analyze what you say and think there’s an evil scheme as to why you said it. They are paranoid because now they think they’re on the “most wanted” list. fail. It’s just a simple greeting over the Internet to a friend to see how they’re doing.

3. Guys are not stupid. If you write something on the Internet and hope they won’t figure it out, you will fail almost immediately. Because there’s a thing going around communication/social networks to help support the awareness of breast cancer. It’s a great idea, but the way it’s coming across is absolutely getting the wrong attention. You may have seen it- colors being posted as statuses. That’s part of the scheme.

You see, the way to get through to people is to have all ladies write  the color of their under garment [you know what i’m saying] as their status. I see where they’re coming from, trying to get people to think about the awareness of cancer but really, it’s just the awareness of the temptation you are posting by submitting a status. Guys figured it out and now there’s the post…staring them in the face. TEMPTATION. The first thing they think of is not going to be: “Oh look, let’s support the awareness for cancer!” No, it’s going to be a tempting thought that they will have to fight off.

So, if you see this marketing ploy to spread the awareness, please don’t write the color [ladies!]. For the sake of all guys and their struggle to stay pure in mind, simply write: Pray for the awareness of cancer. (Please don’t try that tempting idea of the colored status).

No offense to anybody who was apart of this idea. No offense to those who thought it a good idea. It was a good idea! But obviously it’s only a good idea when the guys don’t know what’s going on. When they do…it’s all a different story!


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