Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift. There are so many things to be said about her and her music.

For one, anyone can relate to her music. Her loving lyrics, her catchy tunes, and the country sound mixed with a rock edge. She’s great and sometimes I wonder why I didn’t think of the lyrics first! haha. Many people I have come into contact with have mentioned how they love her songs, especially the favorites “You Belong with Me” and “Love Story.” My personal favorite is the first mentioned.

For some, Taylor Swift’s popularity is not only because of her music, but because of her looks, too. She’s a tall, blond, twenty year old with a loving smile and blue eyes. And for many, that’s an added bonus to her fame. And when I say “for many,” I mean the guys. Her words are mostly about relationships and most guys I’ve talked to have mentioned that her words are better because of her looks. As shallow as that is, I’m sure they speak for many guys across the world.

Yesterday, I was at a nail salon with my two friends celebrating one friend’s birthday. Sitting in the chair, watching the nail salon guy file my nails, my mind wondered to something else I had to do that day when I got home. Suddenly, the Chinese guy spoke up. “What do you think of Taylor Swift?”

Snapping back into reality, I answered, “I like her music. She’s good.”

With that, he started his rant *insert accent*. “Taylor Swift is very pretty. Very pretty and beautiful. Tall and blond. Good voice. Taylor Swift is pretty.” And on he went, looking up at me every once in a while to make sure I was still listening. I was speechless, unsure of what to say in return. What DO you say to that? Awkward conversation, much?

Unsure of what to do, I just sat back and listened to him continue talking about Taylor. Who would’ve thought that an oriental worker at a nail salon would talk to you for minutes on end about a country/rock singer with the name of Taylor Swift? She’s famous for her romantic lyrics and that made it a little uncomfortable when he said his favorite song was probably ‘You Belong With Me.’

Anyways, people have their tastes in music. It was very interesting to find that out. That night, talking to a few friends online, each conversation ended up talking about Taylor Swift and her music. Funny enough, one friend I know (we’ll call him VD), said his two favorites were “You Belong with Me” and “Love Story.” I personally agree with that statement. Another friend (we’ll call him LH) said he didn’t have a favorite, but I respect that as well.

Over all, if you like Taylor Swift, you are not alone. So do random nail salon workers and ordinary teenagers. Join the club, become a fan of Taylor Swift! 🙂


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