Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.

The two words can either bring excitement or depression to someone’s day. For me, it was neither. Valentine’s Day landed on a Sunday this year, so going to church and playing with the band were the exciting hours of my day. Even without letters, candy, or flowers, I had a relaxing day.

If you think about it, Valentine’s Day can send mixed signals to girls across the nation. It also has the possibility of putting heavy pressure on guys to make the whole day as romantic as possible. Girls dream of secret admirers who send them stuff and their excitement builds and builds until February 14th… the day of truth. For some girls, they get their wish. Secret admirers or their boyfriends surprise them with flowers and cards…all the gushy Halmark stuff that commercials rave about. I give the guys credit for trying to make the day special for their girl. I think it’s such a cute holiday for couples. If Valentine’s Day wasn’t such a couple’s holiday, I think I would like it even more. 🙂 hehehe

However, on the flip side, some girls take Valentine’s Day wayyyy too seriously. They anxiously await the most romantic day of the year and when it turns out to be a flop, they instantly deflate…. depression hits. They may buy the 50% chocolates the next day and mope around, singing sweet love ballades to their pillow while wearing black clothes and writing in their journals. No, I’m kidding…it’s not that bad! But some people are hopeless romantics at heart and just dream of the one day when their Prince Charming will come around. Valentine’s Day can be the day when they realize he hasn’t come yet. And for all of those girls out there who are like this, it’s okay! Your Prince Charming is out there somewhere and he’ll come to you in perfect timing. 🙂

To me, Valentine’s Day is more then chocolate and roses. Valentine’s Day is about love and all the things that are memoirs of love. And who best to be the model for love then Jesus Christ. Because, John 3:16 says that “For God so LOVED the world that He gave his one and ONLY son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Eternal and unconditional love is the only love God offers to His children. 1 John 4:8 says “God IS Love.”

I think of it this way. On Valentine’s Day, most girls get a love note. They read the short note that guys write because, let’s face it, MOST guys (not all!) don’t get too detailed while writing their feelings. Back to the point… You get a love note or letter on Valentine’s Day. God wrote each of us a LONG love letter that is more then 300 pages long. THREE HUNDRED PAGES or MORE telling us how much He cares for us and LOVES us UNCONDITIONALLY. It’s called the Bible and He wrote it for you. and for me. and for that random person at the mall that you don’t know. He wrote it for all of us because He loves us. And he doesn’t take just Valentine’s Day to show that to us.

He shows it to us every day. Because God’s love is eternal. faithful. unconditional. patient. kind. gentle. never failing. always there. you name it. that’s His love towards you. and me. and that random person at the mall that you don’t know.

So next time you have the choice on whether or not to mope around on Valentine’s Day, remember that even if your Prince Charming hasn’t made his entrance yet, God has been here for you from the start. He’s already written your love letter and all you have to do is read it and see how much He loves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, people. And remember, you are loved.


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