be careful what you pray for

I was praying this morning, like I do every morning. And I prayed for something different today. I prayed for patience and to not worry about the situations God puts me in. I usually pray for self control and how to show love to others, just like Jesus does, but today I added in “help me see that you are in control of everything, even the little details of my life…I know you are, just help me believe more and more each day.”

After praying, I continued to get ready for the day when I realized that my cell phone was not on my table like it is every morning. Being the OCD person that I am, I quickly thought through where it would be. Remembering that I brought it to church, I looked in my church purse but it was not there. I stayed calm, praying through the situation, thinking how ironically God answers prayers.

Here was a situation where I needed to not stress because my cell phone was no where to be found. No where. I looked all over the house and it wasn’t there. I looked in the car…wasn’t there. I looked in drawers, jackets, purses…no where. I called it several times, but I soon realized I had my cell phone on “All sounds off” because I didn’t want it to vibrate loudly in church.

No panic.

No stress.

My cell phone is gone.

Yes, it wasn’t the biggest deal but I still need it for tomorrow’s out-of-state competition, so it is kind of important. All the while, I prayed. “No stress, God. I know you know where it is. You will help me find it. You know that it’s here somewhere.” I was crawling on all fours when I felt something under my chair rug. Flipping it over, there lay my cell phone…CHARGING.

I am too organized for my own good. It sat there, in the exact place I should’ve left it (and did) but it was hidden from plain sight. Of course…the most obvious place and there it was.

God doesn’t give us the qualities we want. He gives us opportunities to show the qualities. When I pray for self control, he brings three grumpy brothers into the day. When I prayed for calmness in all situations, God makes me search for my “lost” cell phone.

God is awesome, this I know. For my experiences tell me so.

Oh, and my birthday is Thursday and I still haven’t thought of a perfect adjective.


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