Harmless to blame

You know what’s annoying? When people blame me for their problems and blame me for the things that I had no part in doing. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it is occasional. You know, the stuff that they have done wrong pointed back at me…harmless and innocent to the situation. I try to be the peace maker, but it just doesn’t work. All fingers end up being pointed in my direction. I have done nothing wrong yet blamed on and sometimes even punished in the place of.

Haha sorry, dramatic moment. It’s not THAT bad 🙂 But it still happens and I’m sure you all can relate!

Yes, it’s been one of those days when this has happened and has left me feeling hopeless. Yet, ironically, today is Good Friday. And Good Friday is when Jesus died on the cross for MY sins.

Jesus went through the same thing. He was tortured and blamed, although perfectly innocent, for our sins and went through with it. He did it willingly. He was blamed for the problems of us all, yet he took it and he didn’t get annoyed. He did it willingly. He died, willingly. He went, willingly. He gave up himself…willingly. Why? Because He loves his children too much to let them die in darkness.

God loved His children too much that He sent his son, Jesus, to die for our personal light. For our eternal life.

You see, even on days like today when I’ve been blamed for other’s problems, Jesus went through the same. He was innocent and harmless, yet took the blame and took the punishment for everyone.

On Good Friday, today, remember that although Jesus was innocent, pure, and harmless, He took the blame for your (and my) doings. The blame was shifted from us to Him and He went through with it willingly. That certainly gave me a new perspective on it!


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