Sentimental craziness

My friend is leaving soon to serve for our country.

This realization is hitting me every day, harder then before. My friend, you see, has been my friend since we were younger then first grade. The older sibling I never had, my best friend’s sibling, my friend for 12 years. My brother’s other half.

Their sister and them and my brother and me all hung out today…We haven’t all hung out since we were 10. I’m sure of it. It’s the best feeling to know that a friendship can pick up right where it left off, even after 7 years or so. Just like today. We were laughing and joking and jamming and talking just like we were when we were 10 and7. Perfect.

Chilling while eating lunch. Playing guitar hero. Catching up on old time’s sake. Sharing hilarious childhood stories. Trying to successfully finish a Nirvana song all at the same time. Watching old videos. Priceless.

As I sit here writing this, I’m excited for my friend as they count down the days until they leave. I’m excited for them because they’re excited and anxious to begin.  But, like I said in the beginning, the realization hits me harder every day. Cccraaaazzzzzyyyy how a little fact can make such an impression.

So why am I writing this? I’m really not quite sure. I guess it was just to say that I really had a fantastic time with the both of them today. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to shout out to them in my blog because they deserve at least one post. Maybe I’m writing this because they may come across and read it someday, and I want them to know how much they rock. Or maybe, just maybe, I wanted to write this for myself so that when I reread it later, it’ll remind myself how much my friends mean to me. Because I don’t think I ever say it enough. Or maybe, JUST maybe, it’s all fo these reasons combined into one. The reason for my sentimental craziness.


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