American Idol favorites?

American Idol is half way through their season and I have predicted the final two: Big Mike Lynch and Crystal Bowersox.

I am a HUGE fan for Big Mike. When he sang for his save tonight, I held my breath, praying that he’d stay in. WINNER. He was saved and now I believe he will be in the final two. In my dream world [sort of], he’d win and be a big star. The fact that he has a soft heart and doesn’t seem to be cocky or proud excites me. An American Idol with a big heart and humbleness is exactly what we need in a culture of ours.

However, Crystal has a great voice! She seems to be an instant favorite for many because of her unique personality and raw talent. Her guitar by her side, hair in dreads, Crystal has rocked-many people’s-socks. hehe, get it? She is humble as well and has a big heart, too. It’ll definitely be a hard decision as far as personality goes…and talent.

Whose your favorite? Let me know! Let’s discuss!


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