Little brother isn’t so little anymore

Dear Jeremy,

You are my little brother. My oldest youngest sibling. You were my first brother and I tried all my big sister techniques on you first.  Some of them worked, while others proved to be a fail. We would get in trouble when we were younger, partners in crime. We still do that to this day, get in trouble and drive Mom crazy. It’s fun, but it’s only fun with you. You’re hyper and insane and sometimes get on my nerves, but that’s why I think you’re the coolest. We jam to techno and Nirvana when we’re supposed to be doing school. We have midnight photo shoots on my webcam. We talk to each other via facebook chat when we could just walk across the hallway and talk. We’re teenagers yet we act like preschoolers sometimes. Just because we can. You cook and I watch. Sometimes vice versa. You jump on me to wake me up and I hit you back with a pillow. All this to say that it’s your birthday today. I love you so much! I hope you have a great birthday, because you are a great brother.

Many more memories xoxo



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