24 hours 24 24 24 24

24. A show my family is ADDICTED to. We LOVE Jack Bauer and Chloe and my favorite: Cole ❤

Sighh… That’s another subject for another day. Cole. Gosh, he’s the best.

The point it, Jack Bauer is my family’s hero. He’s everyone’s hero. He’s the super hero in 24 and saves the day. 24 hours later, the world is saved. all thanks to Jack Bauer. And we’re all bummed that this season is the last season of 24. ever.

However, Jack has made his mark on my family. His legacy is living on right now as the three boys re-enact a 24 episode.

As I write this, my littlest brother Joshua is screaming at the top of his lungs: “PUT YOUR WEAPONS ON THE GROUND. DO AS I SAY! PUT. YOUR. WEAPONS. ON. THE. GROUND!! KICK IT TO ME. NOW!”

I’m guessing Josh is playing Jack Bauer. Zachary is saying right this instant, “DO AS HE SAYS. PUT THEM DOWN!” I’m guessing he’s Cole. sighhhh. ;-]

Jeremy hasn’t said anything yet. I wonder if he’s playing Chloe, waiting at her desk at CTU. =) hehehe.

Uh oh… Joshua’s crying. Hahaha. Mom is trying to comfort him. “Joshua, you’re supposed to be Jack Bauer. Jack doesn’t cry. He’s a tough guy.”

“Yeah he cries,” Joshua’s whining. “When Renae dies, Jack cried!”

“Yes,” Mom said. “But is your girlfriend dying?”

“Not yet…” Joshua is saying. AHAHA. My brother. He’s trying so hard to be a Jack Bauer.


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