I’m sitting here watching Pirates of the Caribbean 1 with my littlest brother. As I write this, he is snuggled up in a blanket after eating Cookies N Cream ice cream, mesmerized by the pirates fighting on the screen. As I sit here, watching it with him, I realize I am blessed beyond words to have the chance to hang out with him one on one. Johnny Depp may play a talented and hilarious pirate, with many failures and experiences under his belt. But as an older sister, I feel like I have experienced so many things just by testing them on my brothers. I have made mistakes in kindness and love towards them, but moments like these, when we’re sitting here enjoying the time together, I realize I’m not such a failure as a sister after all. The stress of every day school life doesn’t seem to matter when watching my brother smile as Jack Sparrow speaks a witty comeback to an English soldier. These are the moments that make me proud to be an older sister. These are the moments that I wish could last forever. And not just because I’m watching my favorite movie, but because I’m watching it with Little Bro. I sound so cliche when I say that. I sound like a Mom caring for her son. But a big sister can have the same fondness for their siblings. Even if I don’t agree with my brothers’ decisions sometimes, the moments like these make me forget it all and just want to be the best sister I can be. That God made me be. Pirates of the Caribbean or not, Little Bro and I are having bonding time…

And I just looked over at him with a smile on my face, only to discover that he has fallen asleep… I still think the same as I have previously stated. Just now it’s a little louder with his loud snoring. Hehe…the joys of being a sister.


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