God has bigger plans

I did it.

I sent the song.

You see…

Last summer, my little friend went to be with Jesus after a tragic boating accident. I wrote a poem that expressed grief yet hope in the whole situation. It just…came to me. I was praying one day and it just came. Badda bing, badda boom. I reread it after it was finished and cried. It expressed exactly what I was feeling at the moment. What I believed. The trust and hope you can have in Jesus. I posted it on Facebook thinking it was over. Just a poem and nothing more.

God has bigger plans.

A month after I wrote the poem, a tune came to me, too. I had lyrics and I had a melody. I had rhyme and I had piano chords. The lyrics were the poem, the melody was the piano chords. I had a song. My FIRST song. This song was written and completed in a time period of 3o minutes. I played through it a few times and got goose bumps… God knows what makes me get chills. For real. Songs with emotion give me chills.

God has bigger plans.

A few weeks later was youth group’s talent show. I debated whether or not to sing the song for the people, but I did it anyways. Who cared what anyone thought? I was going to sing the song in memory of my friend. The song God gave me. I had to…wanted to…

People came up to me after the talent show was over and told me to get it professionally recorded to give to the parents of the little girl. My first thought was… you can’t be serious. This is just a song. It’s not even that good. Let alone give to a family who is mourning. Let alone MY song.

But I prayed and God had bigger plans.

Another friend helped me record it in a studio. It was done. I recorded it and it was an official MP3. Crazy. Well, I kept the file on my computer forever, thinking to myself: Should I send it? Should I not? Will they like it? What is God’s plan in this? A family is grieving. I can’t just sent a song I wrote…they won’t care.

I over think things too much. That’s my problem. I need to learn to trust God in all situations. And this was one of them. So after this realization, I breathed out a sigh, prayed for the right words to come, and sent the file through an email to the parents. Four days ago.

It’s sent and they responded in heartfelt thankfulness. They loved the song. I can’t say it was my idea, because God gave it to me.

God has bigger plans.

(If you want to hear the song for yourself, search ‘heaven has welcomed’ on youtube. The first option is the song. Or, just search Jesusfreak4evr93 and click the video that is titled Heaven Has Welcomed)


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