Beach day reflections

Today I went to the beach.

It was triple-digit degrees and sunny. Crazy temperatures but the water felt AMAZING…once, of course, you got used to the ice cold feel of it.

I have not been to the beach since last year, so it was a relief to smell the fresh sea air, feel the sand (although I HATE sand getting in my hair), and listen to the waves crashing.

Ahh, good times.

I went with some friends and we had a blast. The ocean felt amazing, my tan darkened (Yay!), and there were many pictures taken to put on our social blogs and websites. But the thing that kept me thinking was the fact that God made it all. God made the sand, the ocean, the waves, the sun, the seagulls, the weird people in strange bathing suits, the seashells (whether broken or whole), the clouds, the loud boats tugging along the water, the dolphins jumping and swimming along shore…all of it He made.

Isn’t that crazy to think about? I can’t even make a simple bird house out of a few pieces of wood and nails, yet God can make all this and it’s PERFECT just the way He made it. I look forward to the beach because of relaxation and good memories, but I also look forward to seeing another glimpse of God’s talent in artistry and design.

Ahhh, that’s the stuff.


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