The Mirrored Reflection

This is a poem I wrote about self image and inner beauty. I wrote it a little while ago, but stumbled on it tonight. Always know that God thinks you’re beautiful. Always remember that His masterpiece is you.

I look in the mirror
Seeing that face
Why can’t it be
Filled with beauty and grace?
I struggle to feel wanted,
desired, and loved
Then I’m reminded of
My Father up above
Here is a time
I don’t feel complete
I try to stand, yet
I fall to my feet
I cry with sadness,
without hope and grace
God sees my inside,
Behind this mirrored face.
I wish I was different,
I’m beauty from pain
Sometimes I cry
While I stand in the rain
Everyone is good, pretty and fun,
Why am I not,
I want to be done.
Then God sees me,
Holds my chin high
He says “You are a princess.
Do not believe the lie.
I made you with care,
And you’re breaking my heart.
Don’t you see you’re gorgeous?
You’re my signature art.”
Here is a time
When my eyes are clear
Who was I to judge,
worry, and fear?
God created the image
I see in the glass.
His love is forever,
It will always last.
So even with the face
That I sometimes despise,
God whispers in my ear,
“Don’t believe the lies.
You’re good and a treasure
To the angels and me.
Ignore the thoughts of yourself.
You, my daughter, are a daughter of the King.”


2 thoughts on “The Mirrored Reflection

  1. Wow, this is just what every girl needs to hear. What a perfect interpretation of the average girls’ thought process and what God actually thinks about it!! Thank you 🙂


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