Dear Summer…

Dear Summer,

Please slow down. You are going away too quickly. Why doesn’t school go this fast? I will be a senior in two weeks. I will be looking at colleges and taking the SATs. I will be CRAZY BUSY and growing up so fast. I will no longer be a kid. I will no longer be able to be done school in three hours. I will be old before you know it and time ticks by all too quickly.

Why can’t you drag longer? Why can’t you show me you can be better then this? Why can’t you lead me to the beach and give me a tan?

Because my school year begins in two weeks. My senior year begins in 2 weeks. My LIFE ENDS in 2 weeks.

So, dear summer, I will miss you. I will miss the good times and the bad. I will miss your eternal sunshine and sandy foot prints. I will miss looking into the ocean and seeing dolphins jumping happily. I will miss the fact that I had no papers due…no research to complete…no homework to finish up. I will miss sleeping late and going to bed late. I will miss dancing around my room, listening to the radio, and being a crazy fool just because I can and have nothing better to do. I will miss rolling down the car windows, blasting the music, singing loudly, and wearing crazy awesome sunglasses.

But let’s face it, dear summer. Your friend, hey autumn is pretty cool, too. He gives me new notebooks and jeans and sneakers. He gives me a new wardrobe and beautiful leaves the colors of red and orange and brown. He gives me a season closer to Christmas. He gives me new experiences and memories, too. He’s just as interesting as you are…but dear summer, there is something that I can say about you that I can not say about hey autumn…

To put it plainly and into words that you and I can both understand… I will miss you.

Your adoring fan forever,


4 thoughts on “Dear Summer…

  1. Ugg! Tell me about it girl!! 😥 In about 4 or 5 weeks I’ll be going to a public school for the 1st time in 3 years, (i was home schooled through middle school) and I.AM.SO.NERVOUS! I’ll def be prayin 4 u girl! Please pray 4 me too!


  2. It’s crazy stuff… But this Summers’ memories have been amazing!! I’m just waiting for the “cherry on top” to come around for you. If you know what I mean? Thanks for making my Summer awesome. Now let’s make these last few weeks REALLY COUNT!!! ❤ 🙂


    • Haha thanks, Nicole. 😉 I’m waiting for that “cherry on top,” as well. You know how it is..:P but thanks for making my summer great so far! I’m glad we’re getting to hang out this summer! let’s make the last few weeks REALLY COUNT!! Let’s have a sleep over or something? 🙂


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