It’s that time of year again.

So last year, I wrote a song. You all heard it. It was God-inspired. I certainly believe that.
I wrote another song a few days ago. Want to hear the title?

ready for it?

here we go…

are you sure?

here we go…

“Sorta Fell For You”

If you want lyrics, well…ask me for them. Because until I record it (whenever THAT may be), I will not be posting lyrics. I don’t want ya’ll to steal my stuff. ;] hehehe just kidding! I want it to be a surprise for those who will hear it! Plus, I’m still editing it so it’s not quite complete yet.

Leave a comment. Post my website to your facebook, myspace, blog, whatever. :] Love, littlemisskeri


One thought on “It’s that time of year again.

  1. AHHH! I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR IT!!! By the title I know it’s gunna be awesome! Hurry up and record it all ready!! lol! jk….take as much time as ya want! 😉 But not too much…….;)


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