My blog is going through some changes. Nothing major! But some design stuff–gonna make it look stellar! rad, magnificent, and legit.

Starting with the picture: I changed it. Go me! I thought it needed something a little more stellar. (that’s my new favorite word, by the way!)

Also…my friend created this for me. It’s stellar. It’s rad. It’s techno awesome. From now on, bookmark THIS to your computer so that you can easily access my blog from it! 🙂 Tell me what you think! Tell me how you love it! Tell me what your first initial reaction was. 🙂 Share your comments and share the link!

P.S. After you check out the link, don’t forget to click “enter” for more awesomeness:)

click this!


3 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. HAHAHA! woahh..that was stupendous!!! loli!!! so great!! def steller and much awesomeness!! I can tell ur very excited about that! Well who every made that thingy has like, an amazing mind!!!!


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