Okay, Okay…I confess!

So I may…slightly…possibly…be addicted to photography.

Can you blame me?! Fall is EVERYWHERE and its colors are just phenomenal for picture taking!

Plus, I guess it doesn’t hurt to purchase a BRAND NEW camera, huh? That’s right…I finally did it! After months of searching and saving, I bought my camera. a Kodak. And it’s beyond stellar.

So, I guess to make it official, I’ll say it on my blog…
I confess. I admit…I am obsessed with taking pictures.

Those who know me very well won’t read that statement and be at all surprised. In fact, they will be quite the opposite. They will most likely think, “Wow. It’s about time she finally admitted it.” That’s because I’ve been in love with photography for a while now. I guess my love for taking pictures of everything and anything has blossomed a little bigger with the help of my camera: Fernando Raul Kodak. That’s right…I NAMED my camera. That’s just because I’m weird.

Here are a few samples of my art. Comment!!
P.S. I also added a photo of the actual camera to show you the coolness behind the photos!


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