With models and everything…

So here’s something VERY exciting! Well…not super exciting, but something exciting enough.

Tomorrow, well actually later TODAY, I will be the photographer for a photo shoot! I’ll have two models and everything!! I’ll be able to test out my artistic abilities (or lack thereof! haha) and experiment with lighting, angles, and movements.

Okay, now before you get way too impressed, please note that the models are my two close friends, Steph and Rachel. We will be having a photo shoot in Steph’s neighborhood and there are no famous make up artists tagging along. But I will be doing their make up and possibly wardrobe, as well, so they can feel like legit models on a photo set. How cool are we?

I think the real reason why I find this so exciting is because this is my first ever photo shoot with PEOPLE! HAHA YES! I tried to take pictures of my brothers, but they were not as willing as Stephie and Rach are to being in front of the lens. So… this is exciting! Be excited for me for one quick moment, even if you think this is the lamest post I’ve ever written. He. He.

However, if you are at all interested in seeing the final products of this little fall photo session, let me know and I will post a few pics here on my blog! After, of course, I edit and fix them, just like a true photographer.

Also, please keep spreading the word of my blog to your friends. Whether it be through your gmail and facebook statuses or simply by mentioning it through conversation, I appreciate your willingness to help get my blog out there into the world of Internet users. You guys are awesome! Thanks!


One thought on “With models and everything…

  1. Aww, that’s GREAT Keri!! 🙂 So happy 4 u!!!! And YES I’d LOVE to see your pictures!! I’m in the Graphic Arts academy in school, and one of the things we do there is photography! (love it!) So, like u, I’m obsessed with taking pics! lol, I just was a photographer for my friends sister’s wedding! So, wish u the best of luck with ur photo shoot! :]


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