Photo Shoot turned Fantabulous

Well, I did it. I had my senior pictures taken last Saturday. Holy cow, it’s another reminder that I am indeed GRADUATING. How that happened so quickly blows me away and makes me think back to all the great memories I’ve made these last four years. But, it is in the works of becoming a reality and so senior pictures were a must to get done ASAP.

I was looking through websites and pictures on facebook, trying to find a good photographer who would capture a few photos that could be considerable options for sending out announcements. I came to my cousin’s facebook and instantly knew that her photographer was AWESOME. My cousin is married and she and her husband had a photoshoot with a wonderful person named Kaila…who is a wedding photographer, but does any sorts of photography, as well. I contacted Kaila, searched through her website, and instantly realized that she was perfect for the “job.”

I knew it would be SO FUN when she asked if she could bring balloons. Of course! Balloons are the way to my heart. 😉 Or at least one of the ways! I could tell she was a bright and bubbly person with a willingness to do anything. And I was right. Saturday came and I met Kaila for the photoshoot. With balloons in hand, we ventured off into the photoshoot land.

Kaila’s fabulous. Plainly stated. She just is. We had a blast shooting and modeling for a few hours in weeds, grass, trees, and near dumpsters and pavement. Really, when a photographer meets her model, the friendship clicks almost instantly…at least it should. And Kaila and I are a lot alike in many ways. We both love Starbucks. We both love photography. We both love boots. We both love to love these three addictions. Oh, and we both have the same sense of humor, which is an added bonus. She’s just fantabulous.

So yes, that is an update on what has been going on in my life. I just received the CD filled with all the edited senior pictures. I can officially check “senior pictures” off my list of things to do before graduation. Going into the shoot, I knew it would be super fun, but I never imagined how AMAZING it turned out to be! It was the beginning of a fun friendship. Kaila has a website, so if you would like to check it out it’s Please do. You will not regret it! So yeah…senior picture photoshoot turned fantabulous…all because of kaila regina. :]


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