Be the Dominant

I watched the movie The Young Victoria tonight for Victorian History credit… It’s an excellent movie, rated only PG, and began fascinated me from the very beginning. I may be biast, however, because I am always inspired by anything Victorian History-ish. The culture, the clothing, the…history, of it all…it fascinates me. I sometimes wish I lived in that era, but then think a little harder and realize that the 21st century is definitely where I belong!

There was a quote that stuck out to me in this movie. Many things that Victoria said were worth pausing the DVD and writing in a notebook, but I decided to continue on with the movie and Google the quotes later. (One reason I’m thankful for technology).

The quote was this…

Princess Victoria: “Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself? In a game being played against your will.”
Prince Albert: “Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can.”

This excerpt of conversation stuck out to me like a sore thumb because Albert is right. No matter what your situation, no matter what’s going on in your life, your object should be to study and do the best you can in every situation you are put into. Whether it’s school, work, friends, or a chess game, study and know the rules and play better then everyone else around you.

It’s easy to apply this into your Christian life, as well. When you read the Bible and study it, you’ll know the rules for life better then anyone else. Of course, knowing the rules and applying them are two completely different things. You can know the rules to playing basketball, but when it comes to playing the game, it’s a totally different atmosphere. Same with the Christian life. Know the Word and apply it to your life; seek out ways to apply it if they are hiding.

All in all, coming away from this movie, I not only walked away with a little more Victorian Era knowledge under my “belt,” but I also had a greater understanding for the secret “powers” of the dominant. Know the game better then the rest.


One thought on “Be the Dominant

  1. We’re so alike it’s scary…!
    I absolutely fell in love with that movie and everything about it too!
    That quote stuck out to me as well.
    Pretty great words to live by, if I do say so myself.
    Thank you (:


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