Everything BUT that.

So I was in the dollar store the other day… looking for socks and potato chips…
don’t ask. Actually, you may ask… it was for a costume party. Anyways…

While searching for my items, I walked down the aisles…

In one, I saw goggles, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and sunscreen…

In another, I turned my head and saw chocolates, Valentine’s Day cards, and heart shaped balloons…

Then I walked down the next aisle, and there were St. Patrick’s Day headbands, plates, hats, napkins, and stickers.

After I found what I needed, I was in line and saw Halloween stickers.

But you know what I didn’t find while searching for my socks and potato chips?
Shovels, gloves, hats, scarves, and hot chocolate.

Needless to say, the dollar store is very prepared. for pretty much any holiday that will happen in the next two to nine months…except the stuff that you need TODAY.

Such is life.


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