Be Your Own Copy

Why try to fit in…
when you were born to stand out?

This quote sounds so cliche, but it really is the best ever.

I never understood why girls (both girls and boys do this, but I’m going to focus on girls in this post) copy others. Culture begs us to fit in by wearing certain clothes, listening to certain music, and saying certain things, but then it turns around and says, “hey! be your own person. don’t go with the flow. make a difference.” Prime example of what a mixed message looks like!

So, I’m going to take a stand in this post. I’m going to go against what culture and people will tell you almost daily. I’m not going to tell you that you have to wear certain clothes and do certain things in order to be cool. I’m not going to tell you how to be “cool” at all. This post is to encourage you to be yourself.

I’ve seen it more often then I have in the past. Especially in junior and senior high school, girls lose their identity. They lose it in trying to fit in and be accepted. They lose it trying to do the things that apparently “make” you cool. Okay, that’s one thing I need to address… there is not one thing that you can do or say or wear that will automatically make you “cool.” If you wear a leather jacket or wear converse, yeah, you may be fashion forward and that’s great…but, if somebody accepts you only for the things you outwardly express, they aren’t worth the effort to impress. [haha I think I may have just created my motto!]

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Okay, wow…that sounds REALLY cliche, but aren’t most cliches so true and spot on? If you like to draw, but your friends do not…keep drawing. That’s your talent. That’s what God GAVE you as a talent. If you love to sing, but your friends aren’t into the whole singing thing…KEEP singing. Don’t just stop because they don’t share your interests. Don’t just stop to fit in. Don’t just stop to keep them as friends. Honestly, if they are even considering to stop being friends with you because you like a certain hobby or fashion that they don’t like, they aren’t good for you. A friend shouldn’t accept you because of a certain thing you do or say, they should accept you for exactly who you are.

Same goes vice versa…if your friend likes something, but you don’t…don’t change yourself. If they are obsessed with the colors purple and and green and just love that color-combination, but you despise it, don’t change your interests just to fit theirs. Not only is it annoying to those around you, it’s not you. You need to stay “true to yourself” and the only way to do that, is to take a stand and be confident about you.

God made you as YOU. Psalm 119:73 says, “Thy hands have made me and fashioned me. Give me understanding so I may learn thy commandments.”
In plain words, God made you as YOU. He didn’t make you to fit in. He didn’t make you to just blend. He made you to STAND OUT. He made you in a unique way that only YOU can do. Instead of blending in by doing what others are doing, copy YOURSELF. Do what YOU do best. Don’t start loving the colors purple and green just because your friend does. Don’t start eating sushi 24/7 if that what’s your friend’s doing.

Be who God created you to be and follow what He says.


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