Mold Me

A Poem I wrote today… ❤

Life is full of troubles
Tears to cry and shed
So much has happened
In life and in my head

Without You, I am nothing
For this I can proclaim
People meeting You
Face to face
And calling out your name

I can’t put the smile
On my face time after time
This happy face that you see
Is crying out inside
I can’t become depressed
And sink deeper still
But I can trust You
And Your always sovereign will

I question and I ask
Lord, why these people here?
Don’t you see we’re struggling?
Don’t you see our tears?
You come and you heal us
But the pain still shows through our cracks
I never thought I’d say this
But faith is what I lack

Sometimes it’s just so hard
To see those around you fall
Knowing that there’s nothing I can do
Nothing, nothing at all

Just writing down these words
Takes so much grief
It’s healing and it’s breaking
But I’m trying to make it brief

The rain falls down outside
And the sun has yet to glow
Lord, heal us from our brokenness
And your mercies show

Time and time again, I’ve seen it
And it never gets any better
Take us and make us pure
And free us from our scarlet letter

Lord, your Will will be done
In your own perfect timing
Help us know that in the midst of darkness,
You are the silver lining

This is a prayer I pray to You
While calling out for You
Heal us and comfort us
And help us know the truth

One day, it’ll all come to pass
All the tears and all the fears
Will never have to last
Everything will be right again
In Your eyes and plan
Take us now and carry us
And mold us in Your hands


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