A birthday in Heaven

Dear Situ,

March 18th. That’s our birthday. It’s today.

Happy birthday. I miss you. A lot. What’s it like in Heaven? What are birthdays like there? Are you singing, dancing, and laughing? Are you having a good time? Of course you are. You always know how to have a good time. I remember all the times we had together. It was always a good time.

You are missed here. I miss you every day. It’s so weird. I was accepted into the college I was hoping for a few weeks ago. I had the phone in my hand and was about to dial your number to share the news. I knew you’d be excited for me and say “There was no doubt. You are my grand daughter!” Little moments like that catch me off guard. I want to call you on the phone today and wish you Happy Birthday. It’s a tradition. We’ve done it every year, ever since I can remember. It’s weird not doing it today. I have nobody to call.

So I decided to write you a letter. A letter that tells you how much I miss you and how much this birthday will differ from the rest. I know it’s not the usual phone call, but I feel as if this works, too. Letters are so much fun to receive. You would give me cards and I would make you cards on our birthday. We loved opening them and reading them at the same time. It’s not a card, per say, but it’s the closest thing I could do.

I’m an adult now, which is crazy if you think about it. Really crazy. Each year, you used to say that you remembered the day I was born. March 18th, 5:30 pm. You hugged the doctor so hard when he came to tell you the news. You had a new grand daughter and I was born on your birthday.

Birthday buddies. Forever and always.

Happy birthday, Situ. This is your first birthday in Heaven. It’s the best birthday you could ever wish for, I’m sure. It’s unforgettable! I can’t wait until we see each other again and I can help celebrate with you. Until then, I will keep missing you and thinking about you. I love you, Situ. Happy birthday.

Your birthday buddy


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