April 1st

April first.

Also known as April Fool’s Day.

This is also the first April 1st that I have never been pranked. Ever.
I have three brothers. They are pranksters. They prank me whenever they are given the chance.
Today is a day created solely for the purpose of pranking big sisters and people who are gullible…usually big sisters ARE gullible, or at least I am.
It’s kinda sad actually. I lived the entire day on the edge of my seat, with my guard up, and nothing happened.
The day isn’t over yet, but it’s close to being over…I guess I should call it a day.
No prank has been done. My brothers must be plotting something big…they better act fast. There is only an hour or so left until it is April 2nd.

I guess I need to watch out for next year, then…this pranking business could come back with a vengeance!
What about you? Did you get pranked?


One thought on “April 1st

  1. Aww Keri, I didn’t really get pranked either. I think everyone in my family was too lazy to think up something clever.
    I think God’s prank was the funniest of all… I woke up and it was SNOWING in April! haha


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