Little Miss Keri Photography

Little Miss Keri Photography.
It’s become an official and legitimate thing.
I ordered the business cards today!

Have you ever wanted to be a model for a day? Or maybe you need an updated Facebook profile picture but aren’t sure who to have take it. Or maybe, you want a picture that’s different then the rest. If you want an updated picture but aren’t sure where to have it taken without spending loads of money, look no further because I have a solution for you…

Little Miss Keri Photography.

If you are interested in “hiring” me to take your pictures, I would love to do it for you!
Whether you want to be a model and have a photo shoot in a park or in the woods, just want to sit on a bench and have some pictures taken with artistic angles and lighting, or grab a friend and have a special photo shoot featuring the two of you…whatever the case may be, I want to be your photographer.
Here are a few pictures I’ve taken in the past so you can view a little of my work.

Please respond to this blog post if you are interested in having your pictures taken. We can talk more about your interest, scheduling your photo shoot, options, etc. :]

Your total price is $60, which includes: up to 2 hour photo shoot [with as many outfit changes as you would like] and a CD with all of your edited images. You, as the customer, own the right to print and publish the pictures.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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