a shout out to my twin

I have a friend who I’ve known since I was 4 years old. We’ve been inseparable since day two of our friendship.
On Day 1, we fought. On day 2, we realized we’d be best friends forever and ever amen.
People have mistaken us for sisters numerous times and since we do everything together, we might as well be sisters.

Twins, even.

When we were little, we would dress up and play labor and delivery. She was always the nurse and I was
always the one giving birth to twins, one girl and one boy. Always.
She’s say, “Keri! It’s a girl! And a boy! Twins!”
And I’d collapse dramatically on the bed and say “I’m exhausted. What should I name them?”
Yes, we were best friends. Every time we had a sleep over, we’d make brownies and eat the whole pan.
By ourselves.
And every year for my birthday, she’d sleep over and we’d watch movies and tell each other deep dark secrets.
One day, When I was about nine, I found a tick in my hair and started freaking out. She remained calm, said “Be right back,”
ran down to her basement, and came up 10 minutes later, with a homemade, construction-paper card that said,

Dear Keri,
Get better soon.
I’ll kill that tick. I love you.

We’re alike in pretty much everything, except when it comes to sports.
She’s a beast soccer player while I prefer sitting on the sidelines and cheering her on.
I tried soccer and realized I wasn’t any good, so I decided that being her cheerleader was second best.

We’ve been a part of everything together: 2 choirs, youth group, classes, church ministries and groups, sports teams…
you name it, we’ve done it together.
Just like every pair of best friends, we’ve had our share of disagreements, but I can count how many arguments we’ve had on one hand.
And we stopped fighting when we were seven. Unlike most junior high girls, we didn’t have any drama between us…nothing that came between us and made us hate each other.
It was like we had the same mind; we knew what the other was thinking even before the other one thought it.
People come up and ask us all the time how long we’ve known each other.
“All our lives,” we say simultaneously and then we look at each other and throw our heads back and laugh.
Yes, it’s quite insane how long we’ve known each other– 14 years and counting.

Everything I’ve done, she’s pretty much done it, too. We’ve been there for each other through the heart breaks, various crushes, weird moods, crazy moods, when we randomly cry for no reason, and the weird fashion choices we’ve been into (especially in Junior High when I thought jean overalls and a short hair cut was the most flattering combination ever–yeah, they call it the ‘awkward stage’ for a reason).

Sarah has been with me through preschool, kindergarten, elementary days, the awkward junior high phase, the
stress of freshman year of high school, the excitement of sophomore year, the “oh my goodness, i’m growing up” phase of junior year,
and the “holy cow, i’m about to graduate” phase of senior year.

And now, we’re entering a phase of our lives that we won’t be doing together.
She’s going away to a college a few hours away and I’m staying local. She leaves on Tuesday to open the next chapter of her life, one that I won’t be able to be a part of. One that we won’t be discovering together. It’s a weird feeling to know that from age 4 to age 18, we’ve done practically everything together and now, all of a sudden, that part of our lives is over.

It’s okay, though, because I know that distance won’t hurt our friendship. Of course I’ll miss seeing her several times a week at church and various activities. I’ll miss spontaneously getting together for Starbucks or photo shoots. I’ll miss getting together to “study”. But I know that every break and summer, we’ll get together and eat brownies and pick up right where we left off. We’ll talk about college and homework and the stress of becoming an adult in this crazy world. We’ll laugh and sing and dance like we’re still crazy 9 year olds.

Because best friends…together or a part, they’re always there for you. And Sarah, always know that I’ll be there for you. You’re my twin and I wish you the best in college. Can’t wait for the college breaks and more crazy adventures. Love you!


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