My Secret to Successful Studying

I listen to a lot of music…especially while I study.
I’ve been studying a lot lately, so guess what I’ve been doing a lot of?
Yep, you guessed it.
Listening to music.
I keep my iPod on shuffle, but sometimes I switch it up and listen to my “Chillax, Man” play list.
It is awesome. The playlist mostly contains acoustic songs that keep me relaxed, energized, but focused.

With that said, I have ten artists that I immediately go to when I need said relaxation, energy, and focus.
I decided to be nice and share them with you, too, so you can listen and enjoy them, as well.
Aren’t I nice? hehe ;]

Ten musicians/bands that I’m currently addicted to:

1. Switchfoot
2. Needtobreathe
3. Ingrid Michaelson
4. Jenny and Tyler
5. Bruno Mars
6. Owl City
7. Christina Perri
8. U2
9. NeverShoutNever
10. The Civil Wars

Enjoy. They’ve helped me so far. I hope they help you, too.

Now…back to studying.


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