Swings? …genius.

It’s mid October…AKA “stress level is a ten” week for college students.
Exams, midterms, papers, quizzes, projects, presentations… the list goes on and on and the stress level increases with every passing moment.

No need to fear, though. Somebody thought of the best idea ever.
My friend, Liz, and I were walking to an appointment for class credit when we stumbled upon two huge oak trees. On each tree was a swing and we instantly started giggling like little kids. Swings. At college?


We had a few minutes before our appointment was scheduled to begin so we dropped our back packs, grabbed my camera, and began swinging, giggling, and taking pictures. Swinging reminds me of being a little kid, laughing and swinging at parks, my back yard, and anywhere where there was a swing set.
Whoever’s idea it was to create a place specifically for swinging, I thank you. You helped my week’s stress level go way down.

I think I have found my favorite place.


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