Too soon? Take the poll!!

So, I’ve been reading about people who are starting to listen to Christmas music already.
I can’t decide if it’s too soon or not.
I have this dilemma each year. I never know when to turn on my Mariah Carey and Glee Christmas CDs.
I’m genuinely curious… what do YOU think?
When should people start listening to Christmas music?
Vote in the poll!
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Any way you decide to let me know your thoughts, do it. I want to know! :]


3 thoughts on “Too soon? Take the poll!!

  1. I like Christmas music, but for some strange reason I don’t like listening to it until after Thanksgiving. The air has to be cold and crisp. The grass has to crunch with frost when your boots make contact with it. Hot chocolate has to have peppermint in it, and the winter gloves have to be broken in. (Oh, and the fuzzy hats, too!) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I feel like I have to be fair to it and wait until after to listen to Christmas music. Also, another reason I wait is because by the time we actually GET to Christmas, I am yelling at people to shut up because I can’t stand it anymore. Haha 😉 So yes, after Thanksgiving is best!


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